We cannot explain enough how important it is to take care of your roof’s ventilation. When building a brand new roof, upgraded ventilation systems will already be installed, but for older roofs, upgraded vents may not be getting the proper care they need. At Sharp Remodeling, we take care of our clients with our roofing services, and ensure that their roof ventilation is always performing at high efficiency. Continue reading this post to find out how not taking care of them can damage your roof.

Poor Ventilation Leads To Problems

Did you know that poor ventilation can potentially lead to shingle damage? Over time, shingles can start to deteriorate if the section they are in is too hot. It is important to take care of your shingles beforehand, whether it be maintenance check-ups or repairs, in order for them to remain durable. Poor ventilation causes more heat and moisture. If this continues, the materials of your roof will eventually deteriorate. Taking care of your shingles will ensure that your roof is in great shape.

Next, having ventilation issues can lead to mold. Ventilation keeps the air temperature in your attic flowing properly. Without it, the air temperature builds up and heats things up, most of the time resulting in very high temperatures, especially in hot seasons. Moisture is mold’s best friend. The more moisture that is trapped in your attic, will result in mold growing through your home. Making sure that your attic ventilation is working efficiently is key to a moldless home.

Lastly, this will affect your HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air condition) system tremendously. Why? Because it will be working ten times harder to produce the air that you desire for your home. Good ventilation speeds this up, and works together to produce natural and comfortable air temperatures for your home, efficiently. Your HVAC system will also be wasting much more energy to produce more air for your home.

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Dec 7, 2017 By admin