Sharp Remodeling, a general roof company, always encourages a property owner to get their roof checked out by a specialist several times per year. But, if you are experiencing major roof issues or simply want to check out if it has an issue for yourself, you can perform a DIY roof inspection. Of course, you will have to take serious safety precautions since you are not a licensed roofing specialist. Continue reading to find out how to do a self-inspection on your own.

How To Do Your Own Roof Inspection

The first thing to remember is to never do a self-inspection when the weather is rough. For example, if it is hailing or snowing, do not go out onto your roof. This can be dangerous, and you can fall or slip. Same goes to weather such as heavy rain and high winds. Climbing up on a ladder during severe weather conditions can be a big mistake, and you want to ensure that you are as safe as possible when performing a DIY roof inspection.

Here are a few main reasons to start your own inspection:

  1. If you have a leak or multiple leaks coming into your home from the ceiling
  2. If you notice that your roof has missing shingles
  3. If you notice that your gutters are completely clogged
  4. If your roof is over 10 years old

Even if you are not a professional roofer, there are still some signs to look for that you may notice in your roof. If you see a leak in your home, go up and check your attic and/or other parts of your home to determine if it is coming from the roof. If you think it may be an issue from your gutters, you can take a ladder up and carefully inspect to see if this is the reason for leaks. We always suggest to have someone with you to help hold the ladder while you climb up. Having someone around when you do a self-inspection will help ensure that you are safe.

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Apr 10, 2018 By admin