Regardless of how new or how in-shape your property is, anything could happen to your roof at any given time. Roof repairs are extremely common and could be needed for a home if the roof is usually over ten years old. The most common types of roof repair jobs needed are for missing shingles, and roof leaks.

Sharp Remodeling, your roof repair experts, can take on any job–big or small.

Roof leaks: If you have a roof leak, this is something that needs to be handled as soon as possible. If you wait on fixing a leak, it could lead to even more damage. If the area of the leak is small, our team can quickly come to service your property and patch it up. If the area of leakage is larger, our team might need to repair a bigger part of your roof or perform a partial replacement. Roof leaks can damage your property internally if not taken care of soon. Your precious floors could get wet, as well as valuable belongings.

Missing Shingles: Not to worry, this is very common for roofs that are a bit older. The team at Sharp Remodeling will come in and put brand new shingles in to replace the old ones or missing spaces. Shingles are what protects your roof and your home and holds it together, so getting the proper maintenance check-ups to make sure your shingles are good is beneficial.

Gutter Clean-Up: Your gutters can and will get clogged from natural weather conditions and natural disasters. Dirt, debris, branches, and other build-up over time could get stuck in your gutters. This can lead to major roof leaks if not taken care of. Allow our professionals to come every 6 months and give you the proper clean-up.

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