The cold winter season is a few feet away. This is your last chance to do everything you can to prepare your home for the weather. If you are looking for a roof company near me, Sharp Remodeling can handle all of your last minute roof needs. From repairs to replacements and more, our roof inspection company is ready to schedule an appointment with you!

Preparing Your Roof For Winter

Sharp Remodeling suggests making a checklist of things that need to be done for your roof before the rainy season kicks in. The first thing on your checklist should be to clean out your clogged gutters. This is crucial to do BEFORE the rainy season. Why? Because it will allow water from the rain to flow properly down your roof without flooding. Dirt, Debris, and other things can build-up in your gutters over time, and when water comes through it will not have room to move out. This results in leaks through your ceilings, and into your interior space. The removal of the debris is simple, and our professionals can have it done in no time!

The second thing to add to your checklist is a proper inspection. Our roof inspection company will come in and thoroughly check up on your roof. The professionals can easily spot if there are any issues or damage done, and can address the situation right away. An inspection to your property should occur at least twice per year.

Third, if you already have small leaks, get them patched up as soon as possible. This is something that should not be held off on, as it is crucial to fix before the situation gets worse. Leaks can damage your walls, your floors, and your valuable belongings including furniture & appliances. Small leaks can lead to bigger leaks in the near future, so this should not be stalled.

For a free consultation on a roof company near me, give Sharp Remodeling a call!

Apr 10, 2018 By admin